Can't Find a Proctor?

FSU distance learning students unable to find a proctored testing facility nearby may request an alternative proctor. Before making a request, be sure you have searched the Proctor Designation System and confirmed that a nearby, approved proctor is unavailable. Below you'll find the guidelines we use to verify and approve an alternate proctor facility, as well as instructions for submitting an alternate proctor request.

Proctor Approval Guidelines

To qualify as an approved, off-campus proctoring site for FSU distance learning exams, the following requirements must be met:

Proctor Qualifications

Assessment & Testing staff will determine if a prospective proctor meets our criteria. Once a decision has been made, the student will be notified of the status of the proctor.

  • Must have experience proctoring internet-based exams
  • Must be willing to comply with policies and procedures
  • May not be a spouse, relative, friend, or coworker of the examinee

Policies for Remote Proctors

  • IDENTITY VERIFICATION | Students must present a current, valid, and recognizable photo ID to take their exam. The photo ID may be an FSU student ID with photo (IDs without photos will not be accepted), state-issued driver’s license, or government-issued ID (passport, military ID, etc.). No exceptions. For paper exams, proctors must verify the student's signature on the Student Exam Certification. If a student does not have the proper ID, the proctor must not allow the student to test.
  • CELL PHONES | Proctors must ensure that students’ cell phones are turned completely off while in the testing room. If a student’s cell phone is on, vibrates, or makes any alert or sound, before or after being seated, the student’s exam will be terminated and/or the student will forfeit the chance to test. Students must wait until they exit the testing room before turning their phone back on.
  • EXAM AIDS | Proctors must ensure that students do not bring loose papers (study guides, notes, or blank paper) into the testing room, unless specified in the exam instructions. If scratch paper is provided, it must be turned in before leaving.
  • MONITORING & SURVEILLANCE | Proctors must watch students continually throughout the exam administration. The method in which this is completed can vary with each testing facility.
  • PROCTOR-TO-STUDENT RATIO | The ratio of proctors to students cannot exceed 1:30.

If you have any questions about approving remote proctors, please contact us at

Technical Requirements

  • At least one working, official email address
  • High-speed internet access
  • Printer
  • Scanning and/or faxing capabilities

Students who are having difficulty finding an alternate proctor or getting an alternate proctor approved should email the FSU Testing Center at for assistance.


How to Request an Alternate Proctor

Follow the steps below to request an alternate proctor and be sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks before your exam.

Before submitting a request

  1. Check the Proctor Designation System to make sure there is not already an approved proctor nearby.
  2. Make sure the prospective proctor meets proctor approval guidelines.
  3. Verify that the prospective proctor can accommodate your exam within the desired window. Some facilities block distance learning exams on certain days or times (eg, finals week).
  4. Find out what the facility charges for testing and if fees need to be paid in advance. 
  5. Submit your request at least two weeks before your exam to ensure adequate time for our staff to approve the request. We will contact the proctor to verify they meet proctor approval guidelines and notify you if approved. Please note that requests may be denied if we are unable to verify the security of the facility.

After receiving proctor approval confirmation

  1. Schedule your testing appointment with the approved proctor facility and pay any fees required in advance.
  2. Review the proctor facility's policies about when to arrive, what identification to bring, accommodation capabilities, etc.

The day before your exam

  1. Confirm that the facility has received your exam information. 

On test day

  1. Bring one of the following forms of identification and be prepared to show an additional form of photo identification if the photo is outdated or not easily recognizable:
    • FSU student ID
    • State-issued driver's license
    • Government-issued photo ID (eg, passport)
  2. Leave your own laptop at home. All students are required to use the computer provided by the proctor facility.
  3. Abide by the FSU Academic Honor Policy, as well as all policies and procedures set by the proctored testing facility.

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