Testing Tips & Policies

We want each of our testers to have as smooth and successful a testing experience as possible. Please make sure you know your responsibilities and our policies before you arrive at our facility. If we can assist you during your test, please let us know. Speak with the nearest supervisor while in our testing facility, call 850-644-3017, or email us at testing@fsu.edu

Before You Arrive

Planning Your Arrival

On the day of your exam, arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and check in at the reception desk. Always allow extra time for parking if you are driving to the Testing Center. See the How to Find Us page for more information.

Identity Verification

Make sure you bring appropriate identification:

  • FSU STUDENTS & STAFF | Bring your FSUCard and be prepared to show an alternate, government-issued ID in the event we cannot verify your identity due to name or photo illegibility.
  • NON-FSU TESTERS | Bring a current, valid, government-issued photo ID (eg, driver’s license or passport).

Photos on IDs are checked to verify identity, and any tester whose likeness cannot be verified against the ID will be turned away.

Exam Surveillance Consent

To ensure the academic integrity and security of the tests we proctor, we use real-time, high-definition video surveillance. All camera footage is recorded and may be reviewed by Testing Center staff. By scheduling your exam at the Testing Center, you consent to being videotaped and audio recorded during your test session. On-the-floor proctors are highly trained and continually in view of testers, their screens, and their desks.

What to Bring

Bring a pen/pencil, calculator, and any testing materials permitted by your instructor, institution, or test sponsor (scratch paper provided as permitted.). Bring any required documentation as specified in the exam guide for your test.

  • Personal belongings must be kept out of sight during your exam.
  • You may place any personal belongings in your purse, bag, or backpack.
  • To avoid creating a tripping hazard, stow personal belongings under your seat.
  • Upon exit, collect your personal belongings and discard any paper-based testing materials into the recycling bin.

What Not to Bring

We do not allow the following items in the testing room:

  • Bottled drinks or food of any kind
    Empty any bottles (including water) prior to entering the testing room.
  • Skateboards and hoverboards
    We do not have a secure place to store your skateboard or hoverboard inside. Spaces may be available on the small skateboard rack outside of our facility, but we cannot guarantee this.
  • Hats (including ball caps) and hoodies
    Hats and hoodies may not be worn inside the testing room and must be removed before entry. Headscarves and headbands are permitted for all tests except CLEP (see below).
  • Headwear (CLEP testers only)
    The College Board prohibits testers from wearing any headwear unless worn for religious reasons. If your headwear is not shown on your photo ID, you will have to remove it before entering the testing room. Please contact College Board directly with any concerns about their headwear policy.


During Your Exam

Restroom Breaks

Unless your test sponsor or instructor specifically prohibits them, restroom breaks are permitted during your exam.

  • Be prepared to empty your pockets into a secured container before and after your break.
  • While the elapsed break time is documented, we are unable to extend your allotted test time for restroom breaks.

Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

Cell phones and all other electronics must be turned completely OFF during your entire test and stowed in your backpack, bag, purse, or a bag we can provide. Noises made by an electronic device in the testing room—including vibrating, beeping, or ringing—will result in the termination of your test and notification of your test sponsor or instructor.

Prohibited Activities & Behaviors

The following activities and behaviors are prohibited and may result in the termination of your exam:

  • Internet browsing
  • Use of unauthorized materials
  • Communication with anyone other than testing staff 
  • Being disrespectful or disruptive to others, especially in the testing room

Cheating on an exam, use of unpermitted test materials, or disruptive behavior may result in dismissal from the facility. If you are an FSU student, any concerning behaviors may also be reported to the Department of Student Conduct and Community Standards for further action or reported as an Academic Honor Policy violation. See the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement’s Academic Honor Policy page for more information.

Unattended, Misplaced, or Stolen Items

The FSU Office of Digital Learning is not responsible for unattended, misplaced, or stolen items. Please do not leave items unattended in our testing lobby. Recovered items such as umbrellas will be kept for up to two weeks and then entrusted to Central Lost & Found.


Missed Appointments

Refund Policy

All payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Late Arrivals

We are unable to guarantee seating for late arrivals. If you are turned away for arriving late to your appointment, you can reschedule through the Exam Registration System as long as a slot is still available.

Missed or Unconfirmed Appointments

We are unable to guarantee seating for testers who miss their appointment or who did not complete the full registration process. (You’ll know registration was successful if you received an email confirming your appointment.) If you miss your appointment, you can reschedule through the Exam Registration System as long as a slot is still available.

Unplanned Campus Closure

If your appointment is affected by the closure of campus due to an emergency (eg, severe weather), we will make arrangements to reschedule your exam as follows:

  • FSU STUDENTS | As soon as we are able, we will contact your instructor to identify specific dates for rescheduling your course exam. Students should look for communication from their instructor before rescheduling their exam.
  • ALL OTHER TESTERS | We will be working to open additional exam slots to accommodate affected tests. Watch for an email from our staff with rescheduling instructions.

Stay updated during and after a university closure by following us on social media, signing up for FSU Alerts, or calling 850-644-INFO.