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Summer: April 7
Fall: April 14

We offer a variety of proctored testing services to accommodate students taking exams on-campus, off-campus, or with an online proctor (eg, Honorlock). Services are provided by request. Because of a high demand for services, we recommend submitting your request by the priority deadline, especially if the request is for a high-enrollment (over 100 students) course or final exam. Requests received after the deadline are subject to availability and approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Before Submitting a Request

While we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, we extend scheduling priority to distance learning and high-enrollment face-to-face courses. We are best able to support requests received by the priority deadline, as well as those that allow some scheduling flexibility (eg, extending the exam window up to 5 days or moving the window one week earlier or later). To ensure a more timely response from us, please review the information below before submitting a request.

Exam Eligibility

The main campus Testing Center provides proctored testing for high-stakes, Canvas-based assessments (making up 15% or more of the course grade).

  • To be considered for Testing Center services, any exam administered outside of Canvas (ie, paper-based exams, exams on platforms that are proprietary to the textbook publisher such as Pearson, McGraw-Hill, etc.) must first be imported into Canvas Quizzes.
  • Exams that allow open books and/or other open-access resources are not eligible for services.
  • We can accommodate exams that last no less than 30 and no more than 120 minutes. When entering exam duration in your request, try to allot only what you know your students need. This enables us to offer more seats to other instructors requesting services.
  • Exams in online courses are eligible for online proctoring only if you indicate that you allow it when submitting your request.
  • Exams in face-to-face course sections using the main campus Testing Center are not eligible for online proctoring services.

Allowed Exam Aids

Would you like your students to be able to use an exam aid when testing on- or off-campus? We can accommodate a small range of exam aids (eg, calculators, scrap sheets). You can select the exam aids you allow when submitting your request. Please note that our proctors will only allow your students to enter our facility with the exam aids you specify in your request. If you change your allowed exam aids, please be sure to update your request before your exam window opens so students have access to the correct exam aids.

Supported Exam Software

Because each testing station is controlled for optimal test security, students can access only a small number of allowed software applications when testing in the main campus facility. All testing stations support access to Canvas. If you request it, the testing stations reserved for your students can also be configured to provide access to Microsoft Word and/or Excel. Other than Word and Excel, your students will not have access to any software outside of Canvas in the main campus Testing Center.


If you have students who need accommodations, review the Need Accommodations? page and be sure to add any student time accommodations in Canvas and in the online proctoring system's notes (if applicable) before the start of your exam window.

Exam Readiness

In order for us to administer your exam, we need access to your course site to check and adjust your exam and settings before test day. Exams administered in our on-campus Testing Center require different settings than exams proctored off-campus or with an online proctoring service, and our exam checking process helps ensure your students can access exam content on test day regardless of their testing location. Please finalize your exam in Canvas no later than 10 days before the exam window opens and notify us before making any changes to your exam and its settings (including dates and duration) after that point. Changes made within the 10-day window can create access issues for students, and we want to make sure your test takers have as smooth a testing experience as possible.

Makeup Exams

Makeup exams are available only by request and only for exams that have been approved for proctoring in the main campus Testing Center. To request makeup exam services, include makeup exam information in your Testing Center service request. See How to Request a Makeup Exam with the FSU Testing Center for step-by-step instructions.

When offering makeup exams, be sure to adjust your testing window. If your students are taking makeup exams in locations other than the main campus Testing Center, make sure you assign them to the exam version that matches their location (eg, on-campus, off-campus, online).

Fee Disclosures

It's important that students are aware of costs associated with proctored testing. Please include the appropriate disclosures in your course syllabus. Students using the main campus Testing Center may take FSU course exams at no charge. Students testing at an approved, off-campus proctoring site will pay a fee directly to the proctor or facility. These fees vary by provider. Students testing with an online (remote) proctoring service will pay a fee directly to the online provider (eg, Honorlock). See What to Tell Students for recommended syllabus language.


In spite of our best efforts to accommodate everyone, our exam calendar fills quickly. Not all requests get approved. If you need to cancel a scheduled exam, please notify us as early as possible so that we have an opportunity to open your seats to other courses awaiting services. A 4-week advance notice is ideal.



Use the button below to submit a request for Testing Center services, including in-person exams proctored at the main campus Testing Center and/or coordination of your online course's distance learning exams. Instructors requesting off-campus distance learning exam coordination who also wish to make use of online proctoring (eg, Honorlock) should check the box labeled "Allow online proctor" when submitting their request. 

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If you do not need Testing Center services (eg, proctored exams on- or off-campus) other than Honorlock, use the button below to request Honorlock in your course. Instructors teaching face-to-face courses are encouraged to take advantage of in-person proctoring services through the Testing Center, in-class proctoring solutions (eg, Scantron forms, lockdown browsers, polling), or an alternative means of assessment where possible.

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