Preparing Your Test

Once your exam is scheduled with us, make sure you and your students are ready for testing:

Know Where to Direct Students Needing Accommodations

If you have a student who needs testing accommodations for a qualified disability, our facility is equipped to provide extra-time accommodations only. Local students should be directed to the Office of Accessibility Services. Distance students using an off-site facility should contact the facility ahead of time for guidance. Don't forget to add your students' time accommodations in Canvas and, if applicable, in the online proctoring system settings. Learn more on the Need Accommodations? page.

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Provide a Review-Ready Exam

Test your exam to ensure it is ready and error-free. Make your exam available for Testing Center review at least 10 days before the first day of the exam window. Check to ensure your exam due date and/or availability dates match the scheduled exam window and that the exam time limit matches the scheduled length of the exam. Need assistance extending time on a student’s exam? See How to allow extra time for student(s) on a Canvas assessment.

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Be Available Throughout the Exam Window

Stay available by phone throughout the exam window so we can reach you if there are issues during the exam. If a student contacts us about missed appointments, we will direct them to review their course syllabus for guidance on a makeup exam.

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