Proctored testing is a common feature of distance and online courses that helps the university ensure academic integrity and comply with federal regulations about student identity verification. It's also used to accommodate face-to-face courses when the classroom environment is not conducive to secure testing. We offer proctored testing services in our main campus testing facility, with a preapproved proctor or proctoring facility, and through an online proctoring service. To support instructors testing in the classroom, we also offer Scantron form scanning services.

Testing at the FSU Testing Center

Our NCTA-certified testing facility is located on FSU's Tallahassee campus and serves students in online and face-to-face classes. The facility is open to both FSU and non-FSU testers. Exams are administered in a secure, proctored environment.

Main Campus Testing

Testing with an Approved Proctor

Students who live at a distance from our main campus can select an approved testing facility to proctor their test. We have agreements with over 700 testing centers throughout the world. These facilities are not affiliated with FSU, charge for services, and often require pre-payment.

Selecting a Proctor

Testing with an Online Proctoring Service

Instructors may direct students in online classes to take proctored exams with an online service provider. Students take their exam on their own computer while a trained proctor monitors their exam via a webcam. Exam sessions are recorded for review by the instructor.

Using an Online Proctor

Scantron Form Scanning

Our optical-mark (Scantron) form scanning services convert paper-based, multiple-choice exams and surveys into reliable, usable data. FSU instructors can order forms, see scores, and view and download test data via our online system.

Form Scanning