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The FSU Testing Center is a service of the Office of Digital Learning (ODL). ODL serves as a steward of distance education at FSU, providing leadership, policy guidance, faculty support and development, and other resources. ODL's services to students, faculty, and staff promote and implement university initiatives to support student academic achievement in technology-mediated learning environments.

Meet Our Team

Image of Robert J. Fuslier

Robert J. Fuselier

Senior Director,
Office of Digital Learning

Image of Scott Bickley

Scott Bickley

Assistant Director, Program Support

Image of Gerardo Díaz-Méndez

Gerardo Díaz-Méndez

Testing Services Manager


Image of Ann Clutter

Ann Clutter

Testing & Scanning Coordinator

Image of Amanda Whitaker

Amanda Whitaker

Distance Learning Test Coordinator

Image of Charlie Hart

Charlie Hart

Testing Supervisor


Image of Amora Randolph

Amora Randolph

Team Lead

Image of Christina Cargill

Christina Cargill

Team Lead

Image of Spencer Levy

Spencer Levy

Team Lead


Image of Michael Clay

Michael Clay

Senior Test Proctor

Image of Camilya Sanders

Camilya Sanders